Things to Know Before Buying Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Unfinished cabinet doors are becoming more and more popular these days. If you have never purchased them before, you may wonder why you must choose them. There are some benefits that you can get if you choose unfinished furniture.

It is also important that you know how to prevent damage to unfinished cabinet doors. Let’s check our tips here so that you learn the best way to prevent damage to your unfinished cabinet door.

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How to Minimize and Prevent Damage to Unfinished Cabinet Doors

First things first, you must know that all unfinished wood products are not protected from damage which is caused by splitting from the end-grain and warping of the wood. In fact, this warping and splitting may occur due to swings in relative temperature or humidity on any unfinished wood products. To help you prevent or minimize damage to unfinished cabinet doors, check some tips that we have listed here.

Place Your New Unfinished Cabinet Doors in a Temperature Controlled Space

It is important that you keep your unfinished cabinet door away from direct sunlight. The next step is that you must check whether the air can circulate all around each door. Check whether the doors are stacked one on top of the other or not.

If you have noticed that the doors of your cabinet are stacked one on top of the other, it may cause the air to circulate over the exposed surface. Due to this reason, it can cause loss or moisture grain from that exposed surface.

Make Sure that You Avoid Stacking the Unfinished Doors

The next thing that you can do so that you can prevent damage or minimize damage to your unfinished cabinet door is that you must avoid stacking the unfinished doors. The best way is that you must stand them up and make sure that you lean them against another surface.

By following this procedure, it allows the air to circulate freely around the back and front of each door. In addition, it will also create the same level of humidity on both back and front of each door.

These are some helpful tips that you can use if you want to minimize or prevent damage to your unfinished cabinet door. However, if you want to get the best protection then proper sealing and finishing will be needed.

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Learn the Best Tools and Techniques for Finishing Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Some people may think that cabinet finishing is a difficult task. In fact, it can be a fun activity that you will enjoy. It doesn’t matter whether you are using oil, stain, or paint as it is obvious that cabinet finishing is a cool activity that doesn’t require a ton of tools. We are going to teach you about some cool tricks and techniques which will help you get the perfect factory finish.

Unpack the New Doors

The first step is that you must unpack the new doors. Check the front and back of the door so that you can ensure that there are no scratches. If there are some scratches, then you need to smooth them with 180-grit sandpaper. Don’t forget that you must brush off the dust with a fine brush.

Make sure that you sand in the direction of the wood grain so that you can avoid making cross grain scratches on the doors. Keep in mind that the better the prep-sanding, the better the result that you can get. Take some time and make sure that the sanding is as good as you can make it.

Start Painting Your Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Before you can paint the cabinet door, make sure that you lay them flat. You can wipe the doors with a clean cloth. You can also blow them with the compressed air so that you can remove the last traces of dust. By laying the door flat, it makes it a lot easier to monitor your progress from the same angle.

Another advantage of laying the doors flat is that it makes the paint runs less likely.

It is time to start painting the doors. Keep in mind that the raw wood needs a primer coat before it can be painted. Fortunately, there are some primer tips that can be used. Make sure that you always match the primer to the type of the paint that you want to use.

For example, if you have decided to use latex paint or water base, then you can use a water-based primer. If you want to use the oil-based paint, then it would be better if you use an oil-based primer.

Our best tip is that you must latex paints. The main reason why latex paints are popular is that they can produce both durability and appearance equal to their oil-based counterparts. Latex paints are also suitable for indoor applications.

Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Choose the Right Brush

When you are shopping for new paint or primer, make sure that you purchase a brush. There is no need to buy an expensive brush, but it doesn’t mean that you can choose that $1 brush. Pick a 2-3” brush. They are not expensive as you can get them for less than $6.

It is time to apply a little coat of primer. You can use the roller when doing this procedure. The next step is that you can use a brush so that you can get the primer to cover all the machined surfaces. Once the primer is dried, now you can sand the door by hand. Make sure that you can remove any fibers. Once the primer is ready, you can paint the door.

Painting the door is quite easy and you can follow the same steps used in the primer operation. Make sure that you check the instructions on the paint so that you can decide whether you should sand between coats or not. Overall, these are some tips that may help you the next time you are looking for unfinished cabinet doors.

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