Beautifying Your Dining Room with Unfinished Dining Chairs

Buying unfinished dining chairs is without a doubt one of the best choices that you can make in your life. There is a lot of money that you can save if you use unfinished wooden furniture. Of course, it is true that you really get what you pay for when choosing this furniture. While most unfinished furniture is pine, you can also find some choices that are made with other woods. It doesn’t matter what type of wood that you choose, you must know that the quality of wood can vary tremendously.

Unfinished Dining Chairs

How to Get the Best Unfinished Dining Chairs

There are some factors that need to be checked when shopping for unfinished dining chairs. By learning these factors, you will be able to find high-quality unfinished furniture that fit your budget and needs. Check some factors that we have listed below.


The first aspect that you must know is that different species of wood come with different grain patterns. They also have different colors, thus you must be more selective when choosing one of them. Since wood can vary from light blond to nearly black, you need to choose the right wood based on the color scheme in your home. It is also important that you choose wood that will match your existing furniture.


The next factor that you should check is hardness. We already know that some woods are harder than others, and you must know that the hardness of wood can affect its weight and durability. You can choose softer woods such as pine, but these woods scratch easily. Another issue of choosing softer woods is that they show tear and wear more quickly. If you choose harder woods such as walnut, then you know that they are scratch resistant and more durable.


To improve the look of the furniture, then stain should be considered. In fact, a stain is often used to alter the color of the wood. However, it is not recommended to alter the color beyond the natural color. You can find some pieces of furniture that have a stain, but you can also find other choices that don’t have a stain. Considering this issue, make sure that you ask a professional at the store which unfinished dining chairs that will accept stain.

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Learn How to Measure Quality in Unfinished Dining Chairs

The next thing that should be considered is how you can learn to measure quality in unfinished dining chairs. So how do we measure quality in the unfinished furniture? Check some important aspects that we have listed below.


Check the surface of the wood furniture. You need to ensure that there are no scratches on the wood. If the furniture is made from salvaged wood or reclaimed wood, then it is still acceptable if the surface of the furniture is dented or pitted.


When finding high-quality furniture, the appearance of the furniture is without a doubt the most important factor that you need to check. There are some tips that help you find high-quality unfinished wood furniture. For example, the wood grain should be somewhat visible. It shouldn’t be cloudy or hidden by the stain. Another consideration is that the color of the furniture will be consistent. Of course, the color may vary in intensity.


Construction is another important factor that you shouldn’t miss. Please note that quality wood furniture will have solid joints without staples. There is no visible glue holding two joints.

Look at the Style of the Wood Furniture

The next factor is that you must check the style of the wood furniture. Keep in mind that the style of the furniture also plays an important role. Check the style of the furniture that you want to buy. You can decide whether the style will match your home’s décor or not. Make sure that you don’t choose furniture that has the wrong size or style as it can affect the overall look of your room.

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Tips for Painting Unfinished Dining Chairs

Once you have learned all of those important factors, now let’s check our tips here so that you can paint your unfinished dining chair correctly.

1. Find a Well-Ventilated Area

First things first, you need to find a well-ventilated area so that the fumes don’t bother you. Check the area as you need to ensure that there is nothing around that could produce flames or sparks. The best place to paint your unfinished dining chair is a garage with doors open, covered decks, and porches. You can also use a basement with windows that open.

2. Buy an Electric Sander

If you want to save your time, then there is nothing better than buying an electric sander. Simply sand the unfinished furniture with this electric sander until it is smooth. When sanding the furniture, make sure that you wear goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. Don’t ignore our advice as they can protect you while working.

3. Consider the Entire Surface Area in Your Plan

Make sure that you consider the entire surface area in your plan when selecting the amount of paint to buy. You can save more money if you consider this issue first.

4. Remove Any Sawdust that Remains

Once you have finished sanding, make sure that you also remove sawdust that remains. If you want to save your time, then you can use hand vacuums. However, if you don’t have hand vacuums, then you can use a brush to clean the wood. Using a brush should be more than enough to handle this job, but hand vacuums offer a more convenient way.

5. Apply Primer

Now you can apply primer. Note that there are some choices that you can consider. Gray spray-on or white brush-on water-based point should be a good choice. If you are not sure how to find the right one, you can ask a professional at the local hardware store.

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This is some important information that you must know the next time you are looking for the best-unfinished furniture. Overall, decorate your room with unfinished dining chairs is a great idea as the furniture offers lots of benefits.

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