How to Finish Your Unfinished Vanity Cabinets like a Pro

Whether you like it or not, finding the best-unfinished vanity cabinets is not easy. These vanity cabinets are known as an essential component that can add drama to your design. While some people may ignore the furniture, you must know that these vanity cabinets can make the room look more beautiful.

The most common reason why we choose unfinished cabinets is that we can save more money. But there is also a problem too. Your next task is to finish these cabinets so that you can make them look more beautiful. If you are not sure how to finish these cabinets, then you can read our tips below.

30 inch Unfinished Bathroom Vanity

Make Your Unfinished Vanity Cabinets Look More Beautiful

The following are some helpful tips that you can use if you want to finish your unfinished vanity cabinets.

Sand It Down

The first step is to sand it down. Knowing how to do it correctly is important as it will also affect the overall look of the cabinets. Make sure that you open up the pores for the stain. You need to give the paint a better surface too. Try to get a fine grit so that you can smooth out all the inconsistencies.

Another thing that you must consider is that you don’t rub too hard. To get the best result, we think that a few brief passes are more than enough.

Prime It Well

It doesn’t matter whether you are staining or painting the cabinet, the primer should be taken into your consideration. Make sure that you buy a wood conditioner as it can be used to help the stain absorb more evenly. To give a smooth look, you must know that paint primer should be used with the paint.

Primers and conditioners are two important components that should be used when finishing unfinished cabinets. You can use them to protect wood from scratches and nicks.

Take Off the Doors and Faces

The most common mistake that people make when painting the cabinets is that they paint their cabinets fully assembled. If you paint your cabinets fully assembled, you may miss the space in the cracks. Another reason is that it can be very difficult if you want to get an even coat in the tighter spaces.

If you want to get the best result, make sure that you remove the doors and drawers from the cabinet frames. Don’t forget that you must remove faces from the drawers. The next step is to paint each piece individually.

Choose Ready to Assemble Vanity Cabinets

Ready to assemble vanity cabinets should be included on the list. They are better and you can also consider them as a better solution to get cheap cabinets without sacrificing quality. By choosing ready to assemble cabinets, there is no need to waste your time taking them apart. You can also minimize the risk of losing screws.

Never Lose Your Screws Again

Use magnetic screw trays as they can help you handle the project well without losing screws. The good news is that they are available at an affordable price. These are some basic tips that you must know the next time you want to buy unfinished vanity cabinets.

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