Everything You Must Know about Unfinished Wood Chairs

Do you want to buy unfinished wood chairs? Before you want to get unfinished wood chairs, there are some considerations that you must know first. Using unfinished furniture allows you to save more money, thus you can purchase other items for your home.

Another good thing that you can expect from unfinished wood furniture is that there are three options available for finishing the piece. The first option is that you can leave the wood naked. The second option is that you can paint the furniture. If you think that those options don’t suit you, then you can stain it.

Unfinished Dining Chairs with Arms

Why You Must Buy Unfinished Wood Chairs

Knowing some benefits of purchasing unfinished wood furniture is important. By knowing the benefits first, you are sure that you have made a right decision. So what are the advantages of buying the unfinished wood chair? Take a good look at some advantages that we have listed below.

You Can See the Defects in the Furniture

By buying unfinished wood furniture, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. It also means that the manufacturers won’t be able to hide it from you. It is your decision whether you want to purchase the furniture or not if there are some defects found.

Choose the Best Finish that You Like

Another benefit of purchasing this type of furniture is that you can also find the best finish that you really like. It allows you to maximize the beauty of the furniture without wasting too much money. It is a great idea if you want to choose furniture that works well for your home.

You Can Get the Furniture at a Very Cheap Price

This is the biggest reason why you want to buy unfinished furniture. Since it costs a significant amount less than finished wood furniture, there is a lot of money that you can save. If you are on the budget, then you must find it very helpful.

Unfinished Wood Chairs

How to Maximize the Beauty and Functionality of Unfinished Wood Chairs

As we have said earlier that you have three options available so that you can maximize the beauty of your unfinished wood chairs. Please note that each option needs a bit of work, thus you need to ensure that you have some free time. Now let’s take a good look at these options and learn which option that fits your needs.

1. Leave the Furniture in Its Natural State

This is the first thing that you can do if you don’t have enough time. You can leave your unfinished wood chairs in its natural state. However, there are still some important steps that you need to do. For example, you need to learn how you can protect the wood. The best way to protect the wood is to coat it with some types of wood protecting oil.

Before you decide to coat the wood with some type of wood protecting oil, make sure that you test it first. Simply apply a small amount of the oil to the corner of the wood. By doing this, you can check whether the oil can cause any discoloration or not. Check whether there are some reactions or not. If there is no issue, then you can apply the oil to the entire piece.

2. Paint the Furniture

Painting unfinished wood chairs is another great idea that you can consider. Painting the furniture requires more work as there are lots of things that you need to think first. For example, you need to select the right color for your unfinished chair. The color selection is not the only thing that you need to decide. The next step is that you must decide what type of paint that you want to use. There are some types of paint available and each type has its own benefits.

You can choose a glossy paint if you are looking for the best type that can stand up well to the high moisture environment. You can also choose semi-gloss paints if you need the best type of paint that is suitable for high traffic. In fact, semi-gloss paints are quite popular as they offer a good balance of durability and attractiveness. However, if you think that the furniture is only used in a low-traffic environment, then satin finishes should be more than enough.

3. Personalize the Furniture with the Right Type of Border

If you want to make the furniture look more beautiful, then painting it is not enough. The next step that you can do is to apply the right type of border or scrollwork. You don’t have to be an expert as there are some attractive stencils that you can use. To save your time, you can also hire professionals who can do this task.

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4. Stain the New Furniture

It is also possible to stain the furniture if you think that other options mentioned above are not the best choice. The only drawback of choosing this method is that it takes a lot of time. When compared to other options listed above, it takes the longest. Of course, there are some factors that need to be considered first before you choose this method.

5. Choose the Right Type of Stain

The first factor that needs to be decided is the type of stain that you want to use. There are some choices available such as gel, water-based, and oil-based. Simply choose your favorite type. If you are not sure which type that works best for you, then you need to experiment so that you can find the right type. Of course, you are not allowed to try each type on your unfinished wood furniture directly. Once you have known which type that works best for you, it is time to start your project.


This is some helpful information that you must know when you are shopping for new furniture. Knowing how to save more money by picking the right furniture is important. Of course, one of the best ways to save more money is to choose unfinished wood chairs.

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